Meet Aaron

Aaron is a lifelong advocate for taxpayers and common sense.

Bob Zimmer

Bob Zimmer | Member of Parliament

“Aaron Gunn is exactly the type of advocate North Island – Powell River deserves. Whether it’s being a voice for B.C. forestry, safer communities, law-abiding firearms owners or a defender of free speech, I am confident Aaron will relentlessly fight for the people of his riding.”

After serving in the Canadian Army Reserves and working with the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, Aaron went on to produce a series of hugely successful documentaries, along the way building the largest social media following of any political figure in B.C.

With millions of viewers, Aaron has been a voice of reason for hardworking taxpayers who have been consistently thrown under the bus by the Trudeau-NDP coalition.

Whether it’s advocating for fishermen, forestry workers or victims of violent crime, Aaron has dedicated his life to uncovering the truth and investigating the issues that matter to Canadians.

Throughout, Aaron has demonstrated his commitment to lower taxes, less waste and a stronger Canada.

His videos, which are filmed across the country, have included interviews with over 300 prominent Canadians, including Rex Murphy, Ellis Ross and Pierre Poilievre - three times!

About Aaron

Aaron first sat down with Pierre back in 2021 (an interview that earned nearly 1 million views!) and has since gotten to know the man he believes will be Canada’s next Prime Minister.

Having lived his entire life on Vancouver Island, Aaron is a proud resident of Campbell River, located within the riding of North Island—Powell River.

As your next Member of Parliament, Aaron looks forward to being your voice in Ottawa and going to work for you: the people of this riding.

But to defeat the NDP and bring common sense back to Canada, he needs your help.